Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some things aren't supposed to be missed

Porto - Coliseu do Porto, 28the May 2008

Childhood Memories

Sometimes a picture brings back memories. This one did. Along with songs sung in BMS Choir.

Such a feelin's coming over me
There is wonder in most every thing I see
Not a cloud in the sky, got the sun in my eyes
And I won't be surprised if it's a dream

Everything I want the world to be
Is now coming true especially for me
And the reason is clear, it's because you are here
You're the nearest thing to heaven that I've seen

I'm on the top of the world looking down on creation
And the only explanation I can find
Is the love that I've found ever since you've been around
Your love's put me at the top of the world

Something in the wind has learned my name
And it's telling me that things are not the same
In the leaves on the trees and the touch of the breeze
There's a pleasin' sense of happiness for me

There is only one wish on my mind
When this day is through I hope that I will find
That tomorrow will be just the same for you and me
All I need will be mine if you are here

Top of the World - The Carpenters

Burn After Reading (Ethan and Joel Coen)

Once again the Coen brothers put together a suspense film without any of the logic of a typical Hollywood thriller. Burn After Reading is nothing but an excellent joke about how idiotic people (of all sorts of age/generation/career/upbringing/social status/etc.) can be. In spite of having spies, suspense, assassinations and thrills, it comes across as a surreal satire about spy thrillers.
The characters are madly absurd - no one really knows anything and what they do know isn't very important to anyone but themselves. The plot is completely ridiculous, nothing adds up as everyone lives in their own little bubble of obsession and confusion.
The film shouldn’t work, but it does.

Harry (George Clooney) is a federal marshal who is addicted to internet dating websites and has a weird fetish for wooden floor finishings. He is having one too many affairs: 1 - Linda (Frances McDormand), a needy secretary as well as a jittery instructor at Hardbodies Gym who convinces herself that costly cosmetic medical procedures will make her more desirable; and 2 - a bitter, loathsome paediatrician Katie (Tilda Swinton) who is married to Osbourne Cox (John Malkovich). Osbourne is a CIA agent who gets sacked because of his drinking problem and the fact that his wife, Katie, is banging more wooden planes of his boat than ever the ocean waves did, seems to be totally beyond him.
There's also Chad (Brad Pitt), a bubble-gum air-head who works as a trainer at the gym who can't live without his bike or his iPod and is Linda's best buddy.
The plot thickens and the characters come together when a CD of incomprehensible CIA type material referred to as “top-secret shit” by Chad containing Malkovich’s mad Balkan memoirs is discovered on the floor of a changing room at Hardbodies.

On the whole there is chilling cynical tone to the whole film but one has to be very attentive to notice it because the hilarious scenes, the set details and the great photography are bound to grab your attention.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Róisín Murphy will be playing in Lisbon in less than 24h. Overpowered is an understatement (IMO) a great voice in one of the best places to attend concerts - gotta be great!

Anxiously awaiting

For another great EP:

Promissed in the US next year on February 17 and February 16 in Europe. Good things come to those who wait.


10 Things I like:

Diving in the Red Sea
Lake Malawi
The Atlantic Ocean
Word Games
Thinking Games
Written art
Stories (made up or even for real)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Underwater Scream

Don't you ever get the feeling that everything you say, try or attempt to communicate is buffered in some kind of a deep river, sea or even an ocean. Probably one of the most unpleasant occurrences to have doomed upon me is that of: "not being heard", "understood" or even "given a remote chance".

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cherry Blossoms

A black television screen
Snow white and black
Deep and open
Splashing against the windows
Looking out onto a three-terrace town
There’s a garden, grey-green
And cherry blossoms
Get in in the morning (All seasons here, saved for a rainy day)
Climb in beside you (A part of a hole)
Watch the clock for half an hour (An orange and its peel)
It’s cold on the outside
There’s steam on the windows (A star in a night sky)
And I put myself there all the time (A gentle beauty)
You let me forget again
And I snore on and on
You let me forget again
Forget how it feels to be wrong
If I could show her completely (Funny how everything makes you feel low when you’re already low)
But it comes out so drunkardly now (Lying on the bed, the light-bulb banging down)
Fall over on my words (Get up, pull the sheet from the window, to see the rain still coming down)
That peace when the door slams (Downstairs there’s hot coffee, sit down to a cigarette)
Soon shattered the hot light (Down to the filter, another and down to my last)
I came so well-oiled (Another and my last penny)
You let me forget again (4 a.m. 6 feet down. Already up with the larks)
And I came stumbling through
You let me forget again (4 a.m. 6 feet down. Already up with the larks)
Forget what I always knew

Cherry Blossoms - Tindersticks

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Guillaume Depardieu dies at 37

One can’t compare the two events but 2008 has been somewhat of unexpected loss of young talent in the film industry. Following the headlines that made covers early this year: “January 22, 2008 – Actor Heath Ledger dies at 28”, yesterday’s news came of no lesser shock.

Actor Guillaume Depardieu (son of Gerard Depardieu) starred in a number of films since the beginning of the nineties and in 1996 won the prize as the most promising young actor at the César awards, France's equivalent of the Academy Awards, for his role in the film 'Les Apprentis' (The Apprentices). In 1999 he starred in Pola X (1999) (Leos Carax) alongside Catherine Deneuve, a film based on the Herman Melville novel Pierre: or, The Ambiguities. Guillaume’s short lived life wasn’t all peace, he was known for his rebellious streak (speeding, drugs, and a conviction for drink-driving) along with the unfortunate amputation of his right leg in 2003 to end years of pain from a bacterial infection following a motorcycle accident in 1996 did little to ease him. News has it that Guillaume had been hospitalized in a western Paris suburb overnight from Sunday to Monday after contracting a virus that developed into a "devastating case of pneumonia".

Currently he can be seen in the film “Versailles” (Pierre Schöller) showing in French cinemas.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dedicated fans

you put a smile on my face *

Doomed for life to beer

"HOMEWORK 3 – Microfluidics
1. You are working in a company that is hired to design and fabricate a microfluidic device to
detect the presence of a particular toxic protein in a food supply (beer, in this case). You
want a device that is portable, does the analysis fast, is sensitive, uses small quantities of
sample and reactants, and is inexpensive.
The challenge is to develop a concept for this purpose. Make any assumptions and
approximations that you consider appropriate."

even at work I have to deal with beer...

Empty Shell

Being by far one of my favourite voices in the world with the greatest music ever sang with pure emotion and complete honesty, it is gruelling to even attempt to choose only one song above all. But (and I know it's completely wrong to start a sentence with "but", but right now... I couldn't be bothered with it) in the last days I've grown to love a particular one. Empty Shell is probably one of the most simple songs amongst Cat Power's jewellery box, but right now is the one I would bid on if I had to choose only one song to play before going into some deep induced sleep (lasting for over 36 hours). I need the sleep.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

State of mind

some days are just meant to be spent in bed

Monday, October 06, 2008

The wheel has to keep on turning

The London Eye – August 2008

I’m pretty sure that back in 1893, when George Washington Gale Ferris conceived the idea of the wonder of the Fair in Chicago he didn’t exactly have this in mind. Fixing the cars at thirty-six, the number of seats in each car, the admission fee, the size, the plan of stopping six times in the first round to load yet another one without stopping and all these details make him, no doubt, a genius of engineering… but (to me) a lot more than so.
One can look at the Ferris Wheel as merely a ride of pleasure. The sight-seer is elevated two hundred and fifty feet above the ground and the movement is gentle and nearly noiseless. On the other hand…
In a far fetching idea the ride can be encountered as a one in a life time experience. One of the few chances to place a wining bet on the game with the highest stakes ever. Imagine that each car represents either a positive or negative vibe known to mankind. Cars of hope, faith, loyalty, understanding, respect, acceptance, joy, optimism, modesty, kindness, tolerance, freedom, courage, mercy, self-confidence, openness, reverence, faithfulness, compassion contrast with cars of despair, regret, greed, desire, lust, impatience, fear, pride, anguish, pain, jealousy, envy, self-pettiness, unhappiness, selfishness, sadness and hate.
The choice isn’t entirely in our hands nor is it completely random, each of us adds guidelines through everyday life pointing the direction of which car we’ll land in on the next visit to the fair. Having landed in negative car one has to wait for the right time to place another bet, and this time hope for a better round.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Great news for many people

...especially those with whom one or more of the following adjectives may comply: great taste, poor or alone this evening

Portal Sapo transmite Benfica - Nápoles

"O SAPO vai transmitir esta quinta-feira em directo o jogo entre o Benfica e o Nápoles, a segunda mão da primeira eliminatória da Taça UEFA

A emissão começa às 18.15h e a partir das 20.15h pode ver o jogo na íntegra no Estádio Virtual,
sendo feito, igualmente, o acompanhamento de toda a emissão da Benfica TV.
Além da transmissão em directo é ainda possível ver vídeos com as jogadas mais importantes e fotografias do jogo.
A transmissão está disponível para Portugal, Suíça, Alemanha, Luxemburgo, Liechtenstein, Venezuela, Inglaterra, Espanha, Timor Leste e os PALOP.Na televisão, em Portugal, o Benfica - Nápoles será transmitido gratuitamente e em exclusivo para todos os clientes Meo, numa emissão especial da Benfica TV, cujo lançamento está previsto para o próximo mês.

Em conjunto com o Sport Lisboa e Benfica foi também disponibilizada a emissão de televisão para Angola, Cabo Verde, Moçambique e S. Tomé e Príncipe."